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Terms & conditions

You can email Helen or Glen at info@canaryluxuryvillas.com and we'll reply very quickly with answers to any questions. Please look at the FAQ pages first. 

Alternatively call Helen or Glen on 00 44 (0) 7515 341 106

*Under 2's go free in both properties*

*All bookings are subject to a £50 or equivalent Euro damage deposit.  This is refundable in the month after your return. This is done manually once a month so is not a set number of days after your departure.*

All guests will find a chilled bottle of wine and a bottle of water in the fridge on arrival.

You do not have to contact us to book or quote prices for our villas.  Availability is updated live so if its free on our website, you can book it.  All prices are available too.  Click on 'Search and Book' or on the page of the property you wish to book. 

Once you've made  your payment via the above link, you will be sent two emails: a confirmation of payment and a web link to your booking.  You can add extras at any time from this link.  Please send us questions via that page instead of email once you have booked. 

Following payment of your final balance you will be given access to client information for your arrival.  This will provide all the information you need on your arrival and during your stay.

We hope you enjoy your holiday!!!!


All holidays must be fully paid up 3 months prior to arrival 
Holidays with Total cost over £1000 may reserve with 25% 
Holidays under £1000  require a 50% deposit with the balance paid 3 months prior to arrival. 


All guests will find a chilled bottle of quality wine and a bottle of water in the fridge on their arrival.  Other extras can be added to your booking at anytime - see our welcome packs.

Unlike with many other villa providers, there are no extra charges for cots, high chairs, pool heating, air conditioning.  
Some extras are available to be purchased and can be seen in the drop down menu which appears after you make your accommodation selection on the 'search and book' page. 

Departure time from the villas is noon and arrival time is at 3pm when there are other guests in the property. However, you may be able to pay for late check out. This will only be possible if there is no arrival on the day you depart. We also only confirm this about 1 to 2 weeks before you arrive, unless our booking schedule already allows us to do so.  Once you have made a booking we can recommend places where you can book a room for 1 day to place your bags.

Terms and Conditions:

You will be asked to tick that you've read our terms once you make your booking.

Return, refund and cancellation policy: We typically do not give refunds for holidays booked with us that customers choose to cancel.  However, should you have a problem with an airline bankruptcy or any other issue, we will endeavour to re-rent the property. In that circumstance, if we are able to re-rent the property, we will refund the full amount or any lower amount we manage to achieve on re-rental, less our costs. A final decision on any refund is subject to our decision only and will depend on the particulary circumstances.
Please always ensure you have good quality holiday insurance as normal and for circumstances when you have to  cancel your holiday. 

Conduct while in our properties:

You must lock all doors, gates and windows and shutters, while you are not occupying the villas.  This protects both our and your property. Failure to lock the doors of the villa on your departure or during your stay when you have vacated your villa will result in loss of your damage deposit.  You should also turn off all air-conditioning units during day time and lights unless necessary.  Please also ensure you lock valuables in safes provided - do not leave valuables in view from external windows. Please always activate the alarm when you vacate a villa where one is installed. 

Do not make excessive noise and disturb nearby residents.  Excessive noise may result in police being called.  In communal areas (those not within the villa walls) , please do not consume alcohol.  Also be aware that there are many residents who also use the communal areas, not just holiday makers, so please be considerate. 
Non-accidental or excessive damage to our properties will result in court action. 

Damage deposits:

We charge a very small £50 re-fundable damage deposit.  This is an encouragement for you to treat the properties with dignity.   Some typical items where the deposit is at risk are damage to the property, breaking of windows, furniture, scratching of sofas (belts/jewellry/toys), attempting to enter private lockers or cupboards, attempting to enter pool chemical boxes (which are locked), bending of pool cover rollers, staining of towels with fake tan, movement of satellite dishes and disturbance of reception, damage to plants, damage to mosquito nets, tampering with electrical equipment and connections or attempting to fix items in the house (managers must do this).  Other items as we deem appropriate, are also chargeable against the damage deposit, however, as can be seen from the sample list, this deposit is NOT used against small breakages such as the odd glass or plate, but regarding major breakages which would cost significant monies and time to repair and also could reduce the enjoyment of subsequent guests to the property.  

Important: Failure to lock the doors of the villa on your departure or during your stay when you have vacated your villa will result in loss of your damage deposit.

If  you do cause a breakage while in our properties or find damage to any items on arrival, please call the villa manager immediately and this can be repaired/fixed as soon as possible, to both your benefit and that of future guests. 

Please accept that engineers and spare parts can not always be sourced immediately and may not be able to visit the property during your stay to repair some items.   However, most small items are repairable very quickly by our local managers and other tradesman. 

Please accept that we offer various TV packages in our properties which may sometimes be limited and may not include specific channels you like.  DVD players are included for this reason. 

Pool heater thermostats are kept high at 27 degrees, but to maintain the heat of the pool you must use the pool cover on an evening and also at time when you leave the property, or may not use the pool for some time. It takes many hours return the pool to the right temperature if left uncovered so it is important to do this. 

Excessive use of sun tan lotion can cause dis- colouration of the pool water

Data Privacy Notice: 

We must retain and process your information for a period of time due to the following lawful bases:

 a) Contractual:  it is necessary to fulfil our contract with you to provide your holiday and services attached to that.  This includes contacting you to request payments, organise any necessary maintenance for your benefit or safety,  notices of the return of your damage deposits.  

b)  Legal Obligation:  we have a legal obligation to hold guest data to provide to Taxation, Police and rental licence authorities when requested. 

Further to this:

When you provide consent for us to hold your information we will do so under the GPDR guidelines so that your information is protected and processed lawfully. 

If you do not provide consent to hold your information held as above your data will be deleted when our contractual and legal obligations have been met as listed above.

You have the right to receive copies of the information we hold on you. Note; the only info we hold is the information you have provided for the purposes of your holiday bookings.  We do not hold credit card information- your payments are processed by pay360/secpay.

You have the right to withdraw consent at any time or request restriction to processing.  

Any requests regarding your information or to withdraw consents can be made by email: info@canaryluxuryvillas.com , via your booking link or your account. The information will be provided via email  free of charge at least within one calendar month but usually with a day. You also have the right to correct information held and this can be done by email or via your account. 

Data will be shared with:

Our local property managers, to help you gain entry to the properties and any in resort contact which is necessary for the fulfilling of your contract, Taxation, Police and rental licence authorities when requested, our IT/Website manager but only for the purposes of good operation of the website and other IT needs of the business. 

General Requirements/Behaviour in our Villas

Below is a general list of do's and don't which we like guests to  observe in our villas and they form part of the terms and conditions:

Please do - 

 Enjoy yourselves and have a great time. 

 Report to the manager if smoke alarm needs servicing, the life ring by the pool is missing or no ?re extinguishers can be found in the kitchen. 

 Lock doors and window and gates when you leave the property.  If you have small children keep the gates locked when in the property 

 Switch off the lights in the villa rooms, when not in use 

 Report breakages/faults/dirtiness as soon as you notice them, so we can ?x them for you and before the next guests arrive 

 Pull the pool cover over when not in use and each night to keep pool temperature up (heater alone can't do it) and dirt out 

 Clean the cooker and barbeque after use and bin the ashes - this helps the next guest and you to have a ?exible changeover 

 Use air conditioning when you are in the room as required. When mosquito nets are provided they are often better than the air-con. 

 Always watch children closely when near or in the pool. Never leave them unattended 

 Wash off your ?fake tan' product before entering the pool by using the showers 

 Use ?water resistant sun tan lotion only' while bathing.  Also allow plenty time 15/20 minutes for this to soak into the skin. 

 (Note fake tan and sun lotion that is not water proof or soaked into the skin will signi?cantly ?cloud' the water in the pool. This takes days to ?lter out) 

 Ask for additional services that your manager could provide if you wish. e.g. you can pay for an additional clean of your villa. 

 Look at the TV instructions if you can't ?nd the channel you want. Otherwise contact the  manager- don't ?ddle with connections. 

 Bring in any cushions if it rains, which is rare. 

 Feel free to use cleaning equipment to mop ?oors yourself- they do get dirty quickly from dust outside being brought in. 

 Respect our property

Please don't - 

 smoke in our villa 

 throw or kick footballs or bouncy balls in the house, at walls, windows and garden fences. 

 leave air conditioning or fans on when your are not in the rooms or out of the villa - it only takes a few minutes to take effect 

 use fake tan while lying on our towels. Our towels cannot be washed clean and need to be discarded. Please use your own. 

 make complaints after your holiday, it is too late to fix them.  Please Notify the local manager during your stay and we'll make every effort to fix things while you are resident.

 tamper with electrical, TV, broadband connections and satellite dishes. Call the manger if there is a problem 

 let children play with the safe and safe combinations.  

 sit on the pool cover or cover bar - it will break and bend. Don't try to run on the pool cover, this is a serious drowning risk. 

 allow children to climb on the wall surrounding the pool ?lters and heaters. 

 wear sharp belts or keyrings or zips when sitting on our sofas. 

 let children jump on the beds as this can break the legs 

 be aggressive towards our property managers. They are there to solve any issues you have.